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540A New Signage Update 2-28-18

The center sign was damaged in an accident and needed to be removed for safety. The replacement sign needed to be brought up to current code standards and residents expressed that they wanted the old and dated center sign completely removed.  

We have contracted with Lewman Electric to add electrical connection's which we must have for nighttime lighting and our sprinkler system.  Lewman  Electric has started the final planning process which includes locates, permitting and scheduling. Once this process is complete we will be advised of their completion date, which I will pass on to all interested residents on this page.
A "Maintenance Agreement" has been missing from the County files since the early '70's and now must be filed and entered into Court records before the Co. will clear Lakeland Electric to connect power. We are working with Dixie Signs to complete and file the Agreement. One obstacle after another it seems but we will get it done!

Upon completion of this work landscaping will be reestablished!

We thank residents for your patience.